Concepts for a hypothetical magvel sequel

this document (still WIP) has hypothetical recruitment info, portraits, bosses, and even growth rates


What is the story to this sequel?

How many years would have passed since FE8? I think if Fomortiis were to ever return again, it would be by somehow splitting the “new Fire Emblem” (the stone of Renais) into a sacred stone and a new dark stone like Lyon did in FE8. So why isn’t Renais the “main enemy”?
Anyway my theory is that the lord is from Carcino.

basically the lord is lyon’s long lost sibling, knoll and co. find them
starts off saving a village from monsters
chapter 2 is a second wave of monsters, joined by a small group of bandits
chapter 3 is a run in with the “main villains” the fomortiis cult
chapter 4 is the first part of the bandit arc, chapter 5 is the same
chapter 6 shows some suspicious renais soldiers, ephraim is being manipulated by the cult leader
chapter 7 and 8 have more renais soldiers attacking lindsey and co
chapter 9 and 10 are monster interludes on the way to carcino
chapter 11 you arrive in carcino and the bandits from before attack a village
chapter 12 is traveling through caer pelyn
13-14 the group is going to renais castle to meet with eirika
chapter 15 is forming an alliance with eirika and preventing assassination
chapters 16-20 is traveling to frelia to meet with innes, but getting attacked on the way, innes is controlled too
chapter 21 is darkling woods, finding myrrh, and chapter 22 is defending mansel again from the cult
chapter 23 is going through jehanna to get to grado castle
chapter 24 is like the chapter before hardin in fe3/12, where you can recruit the renais knights in a similar way to the wolfguard
chapter 25 you fight ephraim in grado castle (edited)
and then 26-29 are defeating the cult, the leader being balor (the true leader of the cult, riev’s master)
endgame (chapter 30) is defeating a revived fomortiis in fado’s body
with morphs of SS bosses as minibosses

about 2-3 years


I like the idea of a Fomortiis cult. Riev can’t be the only heretical bishop of Rausten and there would be students of the ancient dark magics along as well.