Concept: Ced's Story

Hey there! I have an idea for a Judgral story that focuses on Ced’s story. We’d start in Silesse, play as Ced as he searches for his father and makes his way across Grannvale, arrive in Manster, found the Magi, meet Leif, Asbel, Saias, Karin, and the gang, and eventually join up with Seliph to liberate Silesse from Grannvale’s rule, learn the truth about Lewyn, and do the thing Verdant Wind should have done and end with Ced’s coronation as the King of Silesse. I have a script already outlined.

I was hoping to use FE5 as a base because I love the mechanics (fatigue, fog of war, capturing), but seems like that’s ill-advised and Judgral games aren’t commonly used for ROM hacking.

I have software development experience (Java, Python, JavaScript, C#) but haven’t touched any assembly code in years (anybody else learn MIPS?) so I’m confident I can figure out the code with a little bit of hand-holding.

Right now, though: how do I start? I’ve been following the tutorial but I don’t have a Windows machine, so running the Event Assembler is not happening. I’d rather not run a VM, either. Any workarounds for this?

I prefer the Buildfiles method, but I’m also going to keep backups of the project with Git; is FEBuilder compatible with Git?

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Hey, uh… just curious, does the title Fire Emblem: The Wind Crusader mean anything to you? Like, does it sound familiar at all? If it doesn’t, just ignore me.

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This sounds like an interesting story! If you’re new, I suggest using FEBuilderGBA with FE8U as a base. The program is very user-friendly.

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Hmmm, no it doesn’t, and Google doesn’t turn up anything except his cipher card and your comment lol

Rom-hacking has plenty of resources for SNES roms specifically and so I could use FE5 as the base, but yeah, a mock-up with FEBuilderGBA and FE8 isn’t a terrible idea

But how to run FEBuilder on my machine?

I only ask because I helped conceptualize and did sprite work for an idea that’s remarkably similar to what you describe years ago. It was a hack of Jugdral that focused on Ced’s adventure and how he wound up in Munster. Project never really got off the ground unfortunately and I fell out of contact with the guys I worked with. Part of me thought you might be one of my old teammates, haha.

Anyway, the concept has lots of potential so good luck with it.

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