[Complete Hack] Fire Emblem - Blight of Acrova Release Page


Welcome! Fire Emblem – Blight of Acrova is a full-length hack based around a Dungeons and Dragons campaign I DM’ed. It features four acts, zero lords, three promotion tiers, and an abundance of weird maps. Due to being somewhat true to DnD most items and classes work a bit differently than classic fire emblem, and there are several quality of life patches, although it does not use SkillSystems. Supports function like in Path of Radiance, almost all the music is arrangements of fire emblem tunes done by me, and the unit count comes to a bit less than Binding Blade’s. All this being said, this is a solo project, so keep your expectations moderated. Specifically, you will not find: Good artwork, or original splices at all. Finely tuned difficulty settings. Any resemblance of a cohesive plot. I do think the game is pretty fun though, so let’s get the download links.


There are three ups patches you can choose, the regular game, reverse recruitment (extremely unbalanced experience but also hilarious), and 0% growths (unknown if this is beatable). The base game for the patches is Sacred Stones (U).


Getting Started

There are three difficulty settings: easy, normal, and hard. The entire game is designed around the normal difficulty, which I consider about as difficult as Binding Blade hard mode, but for different reasons. The other two settings just have stat differences, easy mode is for newcomers or Dungeons and Dragons people, and hard mode is for those people that like suffering. I played it, and I didn’t like it very much, which I consider a success.

After entering the first map, I recommend viewing the credits by opening the guide and pressing ‘A’ a few times, and you can view the list of known bugs in the same place. I do want to bring attention to one thing here though – I highly recommend using Savestates and avoiding the in-game saves. The 200-item convoy breaks if you use in-game saves, letting you only keep 100 items if you turn off the game, and there are a few other minor bugs related to saves.

External Links

If you don’t care about some degree of spoilers, feel free to check out this character introduction video

And here is the documentation for the game. The first page is less-spoilery but the rest goes in-depth on the characters, items, and chapters. Also there’s a tier list here which you can laugh at after playing.


If you have any bug reports, suggestions, or complaints with the game, or anything else to say, you can place them in the comments section. You can also DM me on discord I guess if you know who I am there. Don’t expect a particularly timely response, since everything that gets changed in the game I will be changing myself, and there are only so many hours in the day.

Asset Usage

Most of the aspects of the game that were not created by someone else (check the credits) are free to use. The exception is characters, since most of those are actual people’s player characters. If there’s a character you want to use and you’re not sure if it’s an NPC you can ask me. But everything else – music, map design, plot (I don’t know why you would take anything from that pile of spaghetti) are all cool.

Anyways, thank you for checking out the hack and I hope you enjoy Blight of Acrova!


The ultimate iron-man hack. How many of those other “iron-man friendly” hacks don’t even let you save?

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Played a couple chapters, the map design for 1-2 in special was honestly kinda fun. I enjoyed the gimmick of being able to get an OP neutral unit to kill the boss for you, though thats still largely unecessary because of Not!Dozla’s hammer. One of the chests doesnt work tho, it is the one directly below the Brigand.
Really didnt enjoy 1-3. The idea is decent, but it was just really not fun to play due to how many enemies there are compared to the map’s actual size, and the ballista dont help even though they are rather weak. Are the ballista supposed to have 15 attack range? They dont move and their actual attack range isnt shown correctly when you click on them.
Really dont have anything to say about the story (you already admited it is bad), but the dialogue really got annoying outside of one joke or two. I found myself getting lost waaay too often trying to make at least some sense out of whatever the characters are saying.

I did check 1-4 and it honesly looks pretty annoying to play. The idea of your units being scattered isnt inherently bad, but the reinforcements and that sheer magnitude of treasure to get just seems overwhelming. I did skip it by beating the boss in one turn to check 1-5, and that one looks even worse on account of scattering your units even further and just being massive.

First off congratz on just dropping a full hack outta nowhere. And just finishing one in general.

I have immediate reservations because the mapping I can tell has several… issues. Such as being inside with just wall tiles and no roof, mountains not being mountains, but just the side tiles over and over etc etc etc. I’ll try it out though, can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

I’m also glad you put a intro video, although 28minutes is long and we learn almost nothing of the characters which is weird. But there is no screenshots of the rest of the game which is an odd choice.


Oh yeah this needs alot of polishing. Breaking the 4th wall to tell your party to go on an adventure is a horrible idea. It just screams at me there is no plot just do it. The priests guys book broke, he gets sad and then suddenly has another one? Your flute guy… uses… these a… little… t… o… o… much… And it get’s annoying to read. Not to mention he literally says “:(” in text? Like that’s such… yeah…

Sprites needs polising too, the colors on the portrait are whatever I can’t do those so I can’t judge, but sprites should be alot easier to edit to look decent.

Some events aren’t smooth. Like the book guys event battle went nice, the enemies approached him all good. then BAM his team disappears randomly. Chapter 1/2? The one in the mines have enemies moving into place, then half of them appear on screen. The square highlighting who was talking was off center etc etc etc.

Also music is super low for me, like way lower then everything else. Not to mention it peaks so there is a screeching sound on some songs, other songs are from FE’s but it’s super slowed down and it just doesn’t sound good.

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1 thing you should of done before releasing this hack was gotten some play testers besides yourself to playtest this hack. Your placement of units is awful and your stat inflation of certain enemy units is even worse. placing annoying enemy units on pillars early game is also a big no. it is ok to have enemy units on pillars as long as they aren’t promoted units who are difficult to kill in the 1st place. the only 2 good things I seen so far and thats from the clearing all the way to 1-6 is you gave the play plenty of resources and the fact most units are usable for what they do.

hack isnt hard but it does not feel enjoyable due to the things i mentioned.

I won’t comment on the spirts and animations as you already mentioned that yourself.

ArcaneEli has already mentioned how i feel about the plot and music.

kinda interesting, promoting into yourself and monster promoting into archdruid