[Community Effort] Please Make More Blind People Portraits!

This thread is definitely more for the cool factor than the realism factor. I agree with your points, however giving a character a blindfold or something similar is the most common way to indicate it in video games and movies and such.

I actually wasn’t thinking about any of this when making the original portrait - he’s blindfolded because I didn’t want to make blinking frames at the time.


or maybe they might seem blind at first, but they’re actually not.
like Riku from Kingdom Hearts 2, for example:

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Ephraim isn’t really blind. He’s just showing everyone that he can beat them with his eyes closed.

Here’s actual blind Ephraim

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I feel like ‘closed eye’ portraits should not count. You can just set a mug to ‘eyes permanently closed’ in FEBuilder yourself if that’s your only indication of blindness. Those edits are also really simple.

Milky-white eyes, blindfolds, black glasses, etc are much more varied and worth putting in the repo.

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Have a blind sun priest.
sun priest