Commission - Stand & Walk Sprites + Maybe Combat

Heya, looking to get Stand & Walk Sprites done for my “FE8” Project!

You can find me on Discord - Cinnamon Sundae#1994

I’m in the FEU Discord if you haven’t seen me before. ^^

Whilst characters may be considered monstrous/Anthromorphic (I don’t care for the semantics here)
I am looking for what is called the “Kemono Style” (Asian Furry Art is quite a bit different)
Simply, Bloodlines’ type of style. I do love the goof of Mini Mugs and Bucket Fill Bonanza Sprites, but I’d like a little more oomph in the project when it comes to the fact the Maps will be 99% of it, if possible.

No worries for the Human Drawers, though! There are definitely designs that are generic enough with armour to be universal for those who specialise in humanoid stuff. EG: Zephiel and Armour Knight characters rather than classes. I strive to be a diverse Project where anyone should be able to find something to work on. I do have Humans, however they do not make an appearance in the current Proof of Concept Hack I’m creating. I may make a 2nd & 3rd Hack to go over those, we shall see…

One thing to note is that Classes are consistently done by type - The “Lord” Character or a Generic Enemy, there are not “Sword, Lance, Axe Cavalry with hair recolour” - Many things tend to be exceptions or contrast. I want characters and generics to all stand out in their own way and feel refreshing in a manner, the Project is not intended to be large in general, so there should not be a data issue. (I’m only doing about 13 Chapters in total, with 4 being a route split kind-of-somewhat-maybe-similar to Ephraim’s brief departures)

EG: One character has a Lance Adventurer outfit, another has an Armour Knight outfit, the Generic Armour Knight would be a different design and if there’s a Generic Adventurer, it too would be different.

My budget is pretty open, I make a habit of not publicly disclosing funds but happy to show Paypal receipts and discuss such more privately!

Additionally, I am open to doing Combat Animations, of which have Critical Animations that are heavily inspired by Awakening/Fates/Shadows of Valentia/Persona stylisation. However it will likely require a bit more work from the Artist’s end, as I still have no idea how the whole “coding the tileset to animate” part goes. Sorry. I do plan to pick it up, just not there yet. ;-; Doesn’t hurt to have all the assets ready and learn along the way :3 <3

When it comes to Map, Walk and Battle Sprites, I am only going to use Final Fantasy Brave Exvius as a large pool of references, as my design interests fall more into what they do over how the GBA works.

I’d like to do victory poses if possible, as well, all To Be Determined. Sorry for the long winds!
I take my Project very seriously and I like to type a lot of my thoughts up to try and express the passion and genuine love I have for working on this, even as a “minor proof of concept hack” - It’s still got to be stellar.

Thank you and have a wonderful day. <3