Coby's sprites n stuff


So I decided to move to FEU because someone told me that serenes sucked.

Here’s some portraits I did:


Other than Cherche and Hinoka are the others OCs?


Third from the right in the top row is a Bloodlines character, third from the right in the bottom is a SoA character; not sure about the rest. They all good pretty good (to my inexperienced eye, that is).


Redahli is sad that her clothing doesn’t have a proper white colour…


There are actually no SoA characters in this group of portraits actually. The rest besides Hinoka, Cherche, and Redahli are either OCs, or a portrait for another project.


Welcome to FEUniverse, yo


Impressive work, dude, but some mugshots are awkward.


Oh? Which ones specifically?


man i like your sprites n stuff

But what about that request of mine? :frowning:


If he’s anything like me, a year from now




To quote a very wise man: “Just do it. Yesterday, you said tomorrow. So just do it.”


*Still hasn’t made Blue Druid’s request" Here, have some sprite.


I mean technically you did, but I’m curious to see what you have in mind for scrapping this version.


Hoi guys. My name is morkyjew199990


updated the portrait person.


Merry chirstmas to you, merry chirstmas to you, merry christmas to youuu… and a happy new year.
A poopy christmas portrait

And a christmas pegasus knight