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House music puns aside Hey all! I am still very new to ASM, but I figured I might as well make a post now that I have something done.

Terrain Heal Editor

With this hack you can set a heal amount for any terrain type, all you have to do is edit the value at the index of whatever terrain you’re wanting to change in the TerrainHealData.bin file. There are more details in the readme. This only works for FE8 now, I might decide to make one for FE7 and FE6.

Shoutout to Pik for telling me where the GetTerrainHealAmount function was located.


Dynamic Weapon Triangle Advantage

A Support Trades


[FE8] 1 RN

This is another very simple hack. If you want a cooler version of this that can be turned on and off by a flag/eid, @Pikmin1211 made it here.

I was having difficulties with it for some reason, so if you just want 1rn without needing to turn it on and off, it’s a very easy change, just add this anywhere in your buildfile:


Thanks to pik for having his 1rn hack that I could reference.


[FE8] Dynamic Weapon Triangle Advantage

In vanilla FE8, weapon triangle advantage is calculated from a table where the positive or negative bonuses are calculated for the attacker, and then the defender’s bonus is just the negative of the attackers.

This works fine when you want weapon triangle advantage to give +15 accuracy and +1 damage, and weapon triangle disadvantage give -15 accuracy and -1 damage, as it does in vanilla.

However, if you want the hit rates and damage bonuses to not be the same number +/-, you couldn’t do it, since the game just takes the negative version of the attacker’s bonus and applies it to the defender.

But what if you want advantage to give, say, +20 accuracy and +4 damage when swords are used against axes, and disadvantage to give -7 accuracy and -1 damage, no matter who’s attacking or defending?

Well lucky for you, this hack allows you to do this!

You can download it here. The installation instructions are in the readme.


[FE8] A Support Trades

This hack makes it so that the selected unit must have an A support with a unit in order to trade with them.

Like so: