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Decided I’d make a post for myself here on FEU listing all the stuff I’ve done since I started ROM hacking a few months ago.

I’ve found that I definitely enjoy mapmaking the most, so for the time being this thread will probably be mostly maps I’ve completed for my various hacks (I have 3 project ideas that I keep going back and forth with. I should probably start narrowing it down huh…).

Anyways, here are some of my favorite maps from a hack my friend and I are currently working on, and have been messing around with ideas for about 10 years now lol.

Stronghold of “The Ravager King”

Chapter 3 harbor map.

Mid game desert map.

Late game map that kinda gives me dragon’s gate vibes lol.

Next up is a 3-part intro series for another hack idea I’ve been teasing around with. It’ll revolve around a laguz-like tribe in the desert, with the main lord being from there. I’d like to start working on this hack once I get comfortable with buildfiles, but for now I’ve been enjoying FEB, so I’ve kinda just put this idea off to the side.

beast_amani1 beast_amani2

The final couple of maps are what I’m currently putting most of my time into. It’s a hack that is very FE4-like in nature, as I just started playing it recently and have fallen in love. So far all of my work is basically to try to get a Proof of Concept that big maps does not necessarily mean bad maps, and that a fun hack can be made out of it:

“Escape the castle because the boss is too hard” chapter 1.

The next chapter, where you basically go from left to right to retake the other castles back.

Thanks to Zoramine for the custom fields tileset. I’ll basically be using this for the entire hack.

I know there’s technically no point to posting this, I just figured I should post something as a starting point, and I can update the thread regarding progress/improvement over time.
Thanks for sticking around if you got this far. :slight_smile:


Hey man FE4 is my favorite game because of the maps. I hope to see some creative ways to use the GBA Engine to create interesting maps

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