Class expansion patch

This patch lets you make up to 255 classes.
Download here for FE7
Download here for FE8

P.S. Old save file is not compatible.
Feel free to report any glitch.

Fix loading code
Add FE7 version
Expand standing sprite limit


does that just repoint the table or fix the bitpacking also?

It only fixes the bitpacking (surprisingly, 32th bit of the character data is unused). Both class table and class sprite table are still need to be repointed.

well addresses can’t go beyond 0xA000000 so it doesn’t need to be
you really only need 28 bits to store addresses

Is an FE7 version potentially on the way?

Always popping in with the awesome hax!

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I don’t understand… why do we need this? Did save files not work correctly at a certain number of classes?

Go back to the magical land of XNA and honey and 500000000 class slots then.

This is amazing. Four years later since I remember once asking about this problem, and at last there is a solution. Great work!

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I actually remember you asking about that too : D

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FEU always delivers


Update the patch.
@Arch: By looking from loading code, I assume that FE7 has the same spare bits as FE8.
Loading (080A0E9C) and Saving (080A0A60)

Which spare bits are these? I’ve taken a look at the saving code before, so I can tweak that, but which bits are in question?

36 bytes of character save data
Class (7 bits), Level (5 bits), EXP (7 bits), Coordinate (12 bits), status(13 bits), stats(46 bits), Inventory (70 bits), Character (8 bits), WEXP (64 bits), and support (56 bits).
The saving process only do 8 checks of a character’s status, thus leaving us with 5 unused status bits.
I’ve confirmed this by tracing both loading (080A5794) and saving (080A533C) processes of a character.

Update. Add FE7 Version


I think I found a bug in the FE7 patch:
You can’t play two chapters with preparation screen consecutively, if you do that, the screen goes black if you start the chapter or you watch the map.
If you restart the second chapter, it works properly.

I’m thinking this patch does that because it was the last modification I made to my rom.

@Icecube Do you have the source code for this?
I’m encountering a lot of glitches after applying this patch (i.e. weird level caps, character data stored in memory going weird, chapters freezing without any reason) and I believe this might be causing the problems, since I hadn’t experienced them before.
I’m especially worried for the level caps, as I tend to cap characters at random levels (7,9,15, etc.) even if the cap is set to be at 20.

So…does this mean classes only work properly up until 0x7F? Not quite sure what the patch does exactly, even after testing it.

Yes, only 127

Does the FE7 patch work properly now? After reading the comments, does it still cause any sort of bugs or glitches?