Checking for items in inventory (FEBuilderGBA)

I’ve been trying to figure this out for 3 months and finally decided to ask.
FEBuilderGBA has an event that allows you to check for an item in a character’s inventory or inside storage. However, I can’t figure out where the result of the function is stored and how i can compare it in some form of “If/else” statement.

Any assistance of how i can use this function properly would be very helpful

I don’t understand If Else statements for Febuilder they always confused me, so I just copied the Template Kirb provides and changed the requirement.

aka copy the if Unit survives template, and replace it with your event and see if it works.

I may just be blind but i can’t seem to find the template in FEBuilderGBA. I checked Turn, Talk, Map objectives and Always conditions and i couldn’t seem to find it. I would very much like to try it out.

while in the Event Editor, right click anywhere and a menu appears, click template.

If you’ve ever written an event in FEBuilderGBA, you should have witnessed the template button.
However, many overlook it.


we may need to be put in a better place.

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Don’t i feel dumb. It is easy to see, i was just very tired when i checked because i was too excited when someone responded to me. lol

Anyways, the template worked like a charm. Thanks to both of you for your help and thank you 7743 for the amazing program!