Character mugs

I got a challenge for someone who is excellent at creating mugs. Is anyone willing to do it?

If so, I want my character to have the following aspects:

Hair:Black Afro (small)
Cocky attitude with a smirk on his face
Scar on his left eye
Dressed like a Swordsmaster

I wish you best of luck… :slight_smile:
Love ya for doing this btw

Im not the best at mugs btw…so I would like some inspiration. That is why Im asking someone to do this. The second main character (and the entire cast) I will create myself.

Other than the mug Im asking, lol. The unit’s name is Tristan. I’m correcting myself a lot today. :frowning:

Good spriters will only accept this if your project has actual progress made. Art is not something you should be worried about this early on. I’d suggest just continuing the hack and artists will come to you.

Also, double (in this case triple) posting is bad, you can just edit your original post.

Ah I see…I thank you for telling me this. Tbh, the script is currently in construction.

Money is also a big influence, but I wouldn’t recommend offering paying anyone until you yourself can commit to the project (otherwise, you just wasted your own money)

if you really need art for tristan i made you some based on your description


Yeah no you’re not gonna get much on a basic prompt with nothing to show.

Though, I wonder if Nickt made a Devdan already.

Devdan? I thought he was Danved.

:^) Heh.

I had to. lol.