Chapter 3 of Sacred Stones with only 2 playable characters fix

For a hack Im working on an idea I had for a chapter is 2 units breaking into a fort and then reinforcements for both sides showing up after they take out the boss. Im not sure if I did a good job explaining that at all but basically, I only spawn in 2 characters at the start. Neither of them are the main character and the game is pretty buggy. The cursor rapidly tries to go off screen when I exit the stat menu and I can scroll up to party members who arent on the field yet in the stat menu. Also Smart End isnt funtioning either so I have to manually end my turns.

Is there a way to fix this? I’m relatively new to creating hacks so sorry if this is a question with a simple solution

The game doesn’t like it if the lord character isn’t deployed. This seems to be the cause of the glitchy cursor. As for how to fix it, I think you have to deploy the lord. There may be an actual way to bypass this that I am unaware of.

I found the fix. I honestly dont know why I didnt think of it before but just removing everyone from my party during the Start Event fixed it.