Changing the in game font

Is there a way to change the in game font from the normal fire emblem style font to something like Earthbound style of font

The main font I’m talking about is the font is from the top to where YOU WIN ! is that I want to use. Thanks for any help

It’s possible - doing this (and a few other things) for FE7 was my demo for FEE3 2016:

  • and it’s been integrated into a few hacks (including porting to FE8 and FE6). However to my knowledge it hasn’t been made ready-to-use for everyone (I kinda dropped the ball on that sorry).
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How about trying out the Font feature of FEBuilderGBA?


Oh man I completely forgot it was integrated there. I’m glad my research could be understood and used by others :slight_smile:

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There’s a great package of fonts from the Mother series out there, and since FEBuilder’s font editor pulls from system fonts you can use those to do what you’re looking for.

Well, I did find a better EB font

But I did run into a problem with the Automatic Creation and I have sent an error report

System.ArgumentException Only TrueType fonts are supported. This is not a TrueType font.

I am reading the error report sent by you, but this is an error generated by Windows.
According to this, it seems that the font is not a TrueType Font.

I think the file seems to be problematic because it is in ttf format, but it seems to be different according to Windows.
It is an error issued by Windows, so I do not know how to deal with it.

(If it helps in my messing with FEBuilder’s font stuff I managed to get a number of the fonts from the package I linked working, if you can’t get that font to)

Sure, go right head. I think more font choices for people to chose from