Changing main lord in FE8?

How would it be possible to change who is seen as the main lord in the chapter data? My map has Ephraim as the main lord in the first chapter, and I want to have a seize objective. Is there any way of making him able to seize for the chapter?

In the character editor module in nightmare, change Ephraim’s “character ability 2” to 0x20 (lord). Unless I’m misunderstanding the question.

Nah, the problem is that the game only accepts Erika as the main lord for her chapters. I want to make it so that Ephraim is considered as the main lord, so I can actually do things like Seizing and such.

Doesn’t adding the lord ability to a character give them the ability to seize?

Unfortunatly not, as far as I know. It’s based on who is considered as the main lord (Unless I am talking complete rubbish). If I remember correctly, if you go through Erika’s route, Ephraim will not be able to seize anymore (And vica versa).

Plus, Erika is not even tagged as a lord?

She’s not, but her class is.

I don’t know otherwise, sorry.

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Seize is determined by the current mode - Eirika seizes from Prologue-split +her route, Ephraim seizes on his route only.

The mode byte is at $202bd0b, change to 0x1 for prologue-split, 0x2 for Eirika, 0x3 for Ephraim (there’s probably an ASMC somewhere that does this, or write one yourself using the guide in the Ultimate Tutorial)


Alright! I’ll see if I can do that, hopefully it shouldn’t be too hard. Thanks for your help!

If prologue/Eirika mode: Change 01 at 37B86 to necessary character id
if Ephraim mode: Change 0F at 37B8A to necessary character id
Hardcoded check to make sure Ephraim can seize in 5x: Change 0F at 37B96 to necessary character id

If you need anything more complicated, like multiple people being able to seize, or specific ones in specific chapters, just branch somewhere and do the necessary checks. Or ask me.