Changing Game Over Screen

Erm so does anyone know exactly how the game over screen functions and how to change it? I know the GAME OVER is a graphic thing and there’s a game over background and the quintessence effect, but yeah.

Any help or direction would be appreciated.

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The GameOver routine of FE 8 is not yet understood at all.
However, I know the function that works this and the location of the material such as image.

080212C0 GameOver screen function.
08020FB8 GameOver screen function.

If you disassemble this function it will be immediately understood …
(The address is that of FE8U.)
080212CA GameOver SongID (0x3e)
08A0AB0C The character of GameOver.
08A07DD8 Background of GameOver.
08A0AE64 Palette 1.
08A0AE44 Palette 2.
08A0AE84 FillTileRectData

Perhaps, I think that these materials are controlled by programs.
It is not a single image like the background of the status screen.

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