Changing a portrait on promotion?[Solved]

Did anyone ever manage to do this in FE7/8? If so, I’d like to know how.

Cam has a thing but it was super haxy.

I literally only wanna use it for one character. I’m putting Zephiel in FE8CM and I wanted him to use Prince Zephiel FE7 mug while a prince, and King Zephiel mug while a King.

it had to be manually called so it was only useful for forced promotions

Damn, that sucks. Oh well, I’ll think of a workaround.

If it doesn’t involve a promotion you could try just setting the character portrait to 0x00 and use the class portraits to differentiate the two. The promotion scene glitches up tho.

Hmm, I was just working on this last night… I managed to cobble together some stuff that loaded a character’s portrait instead of a portrait number for conversations (so the character could look different in conversations depending on what class they were).
Assuming your prince and king are unique you could set the class portraits to be mugs and it should work… at least the items screens work fine when the “generic” portraits are mugs and not the square things. I haven’t checked the promotion screen though.

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Interesting idea. I will give this a shot. And yes, the class is a unique one.

It’d be interesting if we could add a UNCM/UNCR state that made the game read the portrait index+1 (to replace that Lyon check), something like that would be optimal.

There was Blazer’s character changing hack that just changed the pointer to the charaacter data when run as an ASMC.

So hmh, that would be ideal for a lord that gets auto-promoted, right?
If so, I may be interested.

it’s rather hacky and buggy; all it actually does is replace the “character pointer” for a given character with a new one, which would by nature also change the portrait

i don’t actually know how that would interact with seizing and/or suspend/resuming (although i’m fairly sure the latter will fix itself, and the former can be fixed with a seize table)

Hm. There’s also the Supply command problem in FE8… This seems way less doable than expected. T_T

I know how to hack that, though, so that’s also fixable.