Change Title Screen Sub-Title Palette (FE8)

Hello everyone! I’m trying to recreate the FE6 title screen in FE8 for a personal project and everything seems to work fine, however I am unable to find out which palette is used for the sub-title (“The Binding Blade” in this case).
The palette that FEbuilder says is used is indeed used for the ‘Press START’ and ‘© 2004-2005 Nintendo / INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS’, as well as the, in my case, blue/purple background, but it looks like the sub-title itself uses a different palette.
My goal is to replace the brown-ish vanilla colours of the FE8 logo with the more red-ish colours of the FE6 logo.

This is what it looks like right now.

And this is the title screen I’m trying to recreate.

There’s 8 palettes loaded in a row beginning at 35CB90. The The Binding Blade image uses bank 3, so that would be at 35CBF0, and the Fire Emblem palette is immediately after that at 35CC10.