Change Formula for Hit, Avoid, and Crit request

I would be so blessed if someone will be so willing to change the formula for Hit, Avoid, and Crit to match my hack (FE8). By the way, I rely on FEBuilderGBA heavily. I tried to hack something other than FEBuilderGBA and it didn’t went so well. So, It would be vastly nice if you can change the formula then have it “Patched” into FEBuilderGBA. I beg you. :slight_smile:

Main Formula: (1 Skill = 3 Hit and 1 Crit, 1 Speed = 3 Avoid, 1 Luck = 1 Hit, 1 Avoid, and 2 Dodge)

The message below this message is just an extra request. You may ignore this one.

I will only use one formula, the Main Formula. The Secondary Formula is only there just in case if the Main Formula is not matching to the balance for my hack. Note: You really don’t have to make the second formula for me.

Secondary Formula: (1 Skill = 3 Hit and 0.5 Crit, 1 Speed = 3 Avoid, 1 Luck = 1 Hit, 1 Avoid, and 1 Dodge)

If you still want that I think I could do it, I succeed to change the hit and avoid formula for my hack and I think I could make a patch to your second formula (1 luck = 2 dodge is probably hard to do for me, because I don’t know how to insert some new instruction, I could only replace the old one).

Just anwser me here and I will try to do it

Thank you, but I don’t need anything for now. Maybe another people may ask for it. Thank you for answering my requesting though!