CG Overworld Maps Request

Hello there! I am Ghost, I’m sure you’ve seen me around, I like to hang around here, anyway I have a request, I’m not very comfortable with asking for stuff but I was really having trouble with making this…

Essentially what I want are a few CGs

A version of this image, colored better to fit within the GBA color limitations, and to just look a bit better…

and each of the shown nations here individually highlighted (not literally highlighted in the sense of the op highlight) along with one extra CG just showing all the borders together
(the little island says ‘‘The Demon’s Tomb’’ in case you couldn’t read it)

Sorry if I’m asking for too much! I’ll really be happy with anything I get, and of course you’ll be properly credited. Thanks in advance!

I recommend trying out Inkarnate. There are a few other map making tools, but I found Inkarnate to be the best one for making simple good looking maps.

Lenh made this for me, using I’m pretty sure Inkarnate.

Worth a try!


Yeah I tried out inkarnate, that’s actually how I got the example image, I just couldn’t figure out how to make anything look good or, keep the colors limited for the GBA, not to mention the fact that you needed to pay to have all of the tools which was a big turn off initially, if no one feels like being needlessly giving I’ll probably end up making something with it, even if it looks ugly.

Thanks for the suggestion though, I appreciate it! And hey, at least I’ll remember the name of that nifty website if I do end up slapping one together myself!

Man, screw the elves they don’t get any land, lol

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shhhh there’s a reason the elves got cucked

don’t worry dude, i got you.
after all, i just require getting credited, along with ɏøᵾɍ ħɇȺɍŧ Ⱥnđ søᵾł


…creepy jokes aside, here’s few things i did as prototypes.
see if they’re good enough for you, otherwise i can eventually come up with other alternatives.
renders may vary from 13 to 16 colors, so in theory they should already be insertable into the game:

Thank you so much! This looks amazing! You don’t have to come up with alternatives, they look just fine as is!