CCC - Character Compounding Contest! (Round One Complete: Anna and Jake!)

So cute!

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i submit jelik from the last promise 4


edit: slightly changed some of the shading


You… Fire Emblem players… can you handle the weight… of a man who has Anna for a wife?


When you gotta get into heroes one way or another
Jake for heroes

Then again, who know if Jake really exist? i’m just sayin’…
Definitively jake


Okay, I got my first portrait ready. I will edit this post when Anna is done, but here is GBA style FE1 Jake. I hope no one already did this.

Here is my Summer Scramble Anna.
AnnaSummerScramble (2)
Anna’s a good waifu.


image Your princess is in another castle.


Damn what’s next… is Anna going to be toad?

Yo get the fuck out my mind

i was thinking the natural conclusion someone besides me would make would be The Princess.

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The “your princess is in another castle” gave it away (also toad is essentially the Anna of Mario)

You’d be surprised how many people have said other things and on the other hand, you’re comparison is oddly accurate…

Wyvern!Jake with horns or smth
let’s just say I’m not good with drawing horns.


Thunder Bagua.

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Well, glad I didn’t go with my original plan to make FE1 Jake and instead just made him a Soldier.
Soldier Jake
Oh, and I got lazy soooo, Anna is basically a General in Heroes right? (minus everything that makes a general a general besides axes lol) She had to get her start somewhere so Recruit Anna!
Anna is bad in General
Don’t ask about the file name.


Alright I added my Anna portrait to my original post.

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So a couple of questions…

What about characters from non-GBA games? I know applicable characters includes all mainline and spin-off characters, but won’t non-GBA characters put splicers and editors at a bit of a disadvantage, even gatekeeping some people? (Sorry if this is shittily worded, wasn’t sure how to get my point across.)

Instead of having the winner choose both male and female characters, why not have separate categories for each round? That way we have more winners, and there’s less pressure to make two high quality mugs to win a round. It might make the vote list a little longer, but I feel its a bit more fair to each contestant.


I think that SNES portraits aren’t that bad to change, but the hackbox would need to be provided.

Im assuming the contest is mostly, if not entirely, focused on GBA.

First time posting, decided to make a few edits for this
Here’s a few Pirate Jake portraits using both his FE7 and FE11/12 colors
cccjake1bmini cccjake1mini cccjake2bmini cccjake2mini

Edit: Decided to make Pirate Anna as well just because
cccanna3 cccanna3b cccanna3c cccanna3d cccanna3e cccanna3f cccanna3g


Well, then you splice together a character that looks like the character mentioned.

If someone picks Edelgard, you can try to make a normal Edelgard, or even splice together an Edelgard-esque face onto existing armor; something like that. You just try your best.

It’s all for fun, and the points don’t matter.

What does this mean?

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Make it so that we have a winner for the female character and a winner for the male character, resulting in 2 winners per round. They each get to pick the next character for the gender they won in.