Caring for the interests of Feuniverse

I’m currently making a romhack and am curious about what the new fanbase wants.

Do people want more gameplay or story? What is the importance of effective music?

I’d like to know so I can refocus my projects’ needs if they don’t meet expectations.

As well, how do I post links?

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I think it’s a misstep to refocus your project around what other people want (not that the FE fanbase could even agree on such a thing), since I think that’s just a big motivation killer if you’re not focusing on the parts you enjoy/care about.


Yeah you really won’t get far if you’re building a hobby project for a fanbase. FE fans are diverse and you’ll struggle to please everyone given the nature of what different people enjoy.

To build on knabepicer above, I recommend thinking of things you like and focusing on how to make them broadly appealing to others. Transparency is another thing that people appreciate and it makes a big difference when games are clear w/ their expectations of you.


Thank you both for the guidance.

I’ll do what I can.

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