Card's Sprite Dump


Hello, folks. some of you may have seen me around the forums or elsewhere, and I’m usually either goofing off somewhere or working on something. In this case, sprites. I’ve made a few icons as practice in my free time.

Please do note that these are free to use and edit with credit given. This applies for anything I post here unless said otherwise.

These are Icons from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. The only ones here are key items, equipment, and a few other items you may come across in your journey.


As for these, some are original, while others are from other games. Tomes are cool btw, people should totally make more (and yes there’s obvious spell animation being needed, but shhh.)


I don’t know the next time I’ll make more, but whenever I do feel like making more spites for fun, I’ll be sure to post them on this thread, same rules as I said at the start.


Are awesome icons you make more like a weapons example swords,axes,daggers,and lances