Card's Sprite Dump (and other things)

Hello, folks. some of you may have seen me around the forums or elsewhere, and I’m usually either goofing off somewhere or working on something. In this case, sprites. I’ve made a few icons as practice in my free time.

Please do note that these are free to use and edit with credit given. This applies for anything I post here unless said otherwise.

These are Icons from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. The only ones here are key items, equipment, and a few other items you may come across in your journey.


As for these, some are original, while others are from other games. Tomes are cool btw, people should totally make more (and yes there’s obvious spell animation being needed, but shhh.)


I don’t know the next time I’ll make more, but whenever I do feel like making more spites for fun, I’ll be sure to post them on this thread, same rules as I said at the start.


Are awesome icons you make more like a weapons example swords,axes,daggers,and lances

It’s been a while since I’ve come back to this thread, but sadly this will be most likely be my second and final post. The past year and a half has been filled with ups and downs, highs and lows, but I think I’ve had my fill of this hobby of mine. That is to say, I’m putting down FE Hacking/Fangame-related work for good, as the charm and wonder I once felt has begun to feel like time and effort that could be spent on something more worthwhile. On the rare chance, I may take up another odd job or two, but please, don’t count on it.

So, that aside, I’ll say this again: Everything posted here is both free to use and free to edit. There’s some unfinished bits here and there, but if you like what you see, go ahead pick up where I left off, you have my full permission to do so. If any link dies, message me, but as for any further assistance, you’re on your own. And of course, please give credit where credit is due. That’s all I ask.

Tomes and Weapon Icons

Some original, and others from Fates and Heroes. I will not be labeling these, as I’ve long forgotten what most of these are. Sorry in advance.

Solo Skills (Fire Emblem Heroes)


Affinities (Fire Emblem Heroes)

Insert these at your own risk. I’m uncertain as to how affinity palettes work, but that’s also not my concern anymore. Hopefully you can rework them to your liking somehow.

Stat Screens

I don’t think I ever posted this anywhere officially, but this is the stat screen template I made to help make things easier a while back.
These are the “Ephraim” test. Make the background color invisible and place them over your stat screen to see if each page blends well or not.
1 2 3
(And a Live-A-Live version too, apparently)
All 5 of these will be included in the download zip for the “New” stat screens below.


Based on graphics from the Broadcast Satellaview version of Sim City
Original Work
Created from someone’s customized settings for the FE5 status screen
Astra-Themed (Unfinished)


Here’s my set from one of the older Stat Screen Blitzes.



Pillars and tiles made for a slight mockup. They’re based on Emmeryn’s defense chapter in Fire Emblem Awakening. I can’t remember which palette it uses, but it should be one of the default castle tilesets.

FE1 Tiles
Animated tiles for water and the like
1 2 3 4

My knowledge on tilesets is rather foggy, but I think you’ll need this (If it matters, I got this through FEBuilder.)


(some of these do not have frames)


Demonic Eliwood
(Why? I have a liking for evil faces.)
Ricardo Milos
(There’s no explanation, only disappointment that I didn’t finish the frames.)
April Fool’s Marth
(Alternatively, you could say that I’m a fool for this design.)
Context: Fire Emblem: Battle of Revolution Surprise Reveal! - Serenes Forest
image image
FE1 Navarre
(This was meant to be part of a collection of every iteration of Navarre, but for one reason or another, I fell short. Hard.)
I wonder why, though…

Generic Druid
(Based on, well, the Druid from FE 6-8.)
Derrick (Berwick Saga)
(I was at something of a high point when making this.)

Gilliam and the armory merchant in FE5 style
(Made around the time seeing people hack Thracia 776 captivated me.)
image image


To make a long story short, I wanted to sprite the Burger King Piccolo meme. It was never meant to go this far, but coincidentally, King Piccolo Day (May 9th) was the next day, so I felt obligated to go through with it.
(In case you want Piccolo without the background, here)

(Unfinished) Mirabilis, from Fire Emblem Heroes Book IV

Map Sprites

Magic Turrets (Fire Emblem Fates)
I guess if you don’t know about these, they’re basically ballistas for mages. I only got around to making standing sprites for male and female shamans, but here’s the basic work in case you wish to expand upon it. It is intended to glow when used by someone, with the far left being its inactive state. Comes in large and small, and made with stationary use in mind.
Dancers (Fire Emblem Heroes)
Based on the “Festival in Hoshido” banner in Heroes, these were meant to be four dancer/refresher units. The characters are Xander, Ryoma, Elincia, and Micaiah respectively.
image Xanderbro

FE1-Style Eirika
Made for a reskin of FE8 with FE1 graphics. additional Screenshots will be added to the “miscellaneous works” section.
Eirika(Overworld) Eirika(Move)

Palettes, in case you wanted them.
Player Palette Ally Palette Enemy Palette

Battle Sprites

Moyai Golem (Original) and Titanus (3 Houses)
(Both were done on impulse, golem’s still was the one to get done, funnily enough. You can probably guess why at this point.)

Nekomata (Fire Emblem Heroes)
(This is just Sakura’s halloween outfit from Heroes. Probably the most self-indulgent thing I’ve done next to Marth.)

Mechanist (Fire Emblem Fates)
Alright, so here’s the big one.
I had everything planned out, but I don’t need to tell you the rest, you can guess where this went.
Anyway, it’s male/female, with hat/hatless variants. Hair color is linked to the mech’s head. The rider’s clothing and cloth cover are separate colors.

If you have Aseprite, here’s the file for it if you want to take over.

Miscellaneous Works

FE8 Reskin
The aforementioned FE1 reskin of FE8. I only got to the basics, but hopefully you get the idea.Oho1 Oho2 Oho3 Oho4 Oho5 Oho6 Oho7 Pain and misery Yay

FEH Channel 3-30-20
A few sprites from Fire Emblem Heroes’ FEH Channel (March 30th, 2020). Since there
wasn’t a clean rip of them anywhere at the time, I tried cleaning a few up. There’s bound to be better (and more accurate) versions of these from the other talented folks out there, but it was a fun exercise.

Did I mention that I play FE Heroes a lot yet?

A mockup for a more horizontal stat screen. Pikmin1211 adjusted a few things with it a bit while I was making it. Originally, I wanted to have this be one of the first major things I did with buildfiles, but that never really took off.

FE15 Earthbound Sprites?
I haven’t the slightest clue when I made these, but Earthbound versions of some of Fire Emblem: Echoes characters.

Unnamed Emblem
I made this around the same time I helped Sme with the BSFE title screen emblem.
Go nuts.

SRPG Studio Sprites
What was going to be a huge undertaking of the SRPG Studio map sprites. They were rather small, so I ended up bailing (16x16 and 24x24 tiles are life. 32x32 is death.)

There was a gaiden-esque exploration plugin made for SRPG Studio, so I made a set for the Male Lord to walk around with for fun.

A rough mockup for a dual-screen concept I had.

Hopefully these will be of use to you in one way or another. Enjoy.


christmas has come early

This is some cool stuff, Card. Sorry to hear you’re no longer doing these, but thanks for your generosity and the times you’ve given me a hand.


Wow. Fantastic work! Thanks for sharing it.

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Wow, this stuff is amazing! Very very nice job👏🏽

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Well that was a big lie. Not sure what happened but it brought me back lol

More content to come soonish. There’s a loooooot to catch up on.




I like how you came back, posted once, then disappeared for two weeks…
Then posted this.

Beautiful 🥹

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An Anna for your patience



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Do you have a patch for the NES reskin of FE8? I’d like to finish it, lol.

Just saw this, sorry for not responding.
It should be on my pc somewhere. If I find it I’ll send it.

Here’s a fresh patch in case you’re still interested. There were a lot of backups, but this one seems to be fine upon first glance.

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