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Is self-bumping allowed after less than a day? Regardless, here’s what I was able to cobble up today; an updated Anna mug and a new F2E OC that was originally missing frames. Now Anna has less of a “butterface”, hopefully. It’s not quite the same style as the original FE8 mugs, but I think it works.
Mercenary AnnaHeroJeigan


Some of my Nohrian stuff! I already submitted them to the blitz, but this is part of an NPC pack I’ve been working on behind the scenes. As well as my CCC entry, young Camilla. Partial credit goes to @Jeythecount for the female villager.

Viillage Elder CanDyVillage Boy(Conquest)CanDyVillage Elder (Conquest)CanDyVillage Man (Conquest)CanDyVillage Older Woman(Conquest)CanDyVillage Woman (Conquest)JeytheCount,CanDyYoung_Camilla(tiara)CanDyYoung_CamillaCanDy


Added more mugs from the GAMERS and other whimsical things to the OP, also took a few down because I plan to keep them for my fangame idea.

Here’s a few of the newly added ones.
Portrait Editor 02-24-23-1.gba_6@06 Arfaxad_8ACC6C

Last guy was originally intended for my hackrom, but he used a Second Seal and went to the gym so his original design is up for grabs.

Isaachar [This is NOT F2U! Please do not use it!]
(Besides the frames are broken and I’m too lazy to fix them right now!)


Just posting some random odds and ends and adding them to my OP. Dont mind me. What should I work on next?

Aimee shopkeepArmory templateCanDy
FE10 RD CanDy


A custom battle screen?

I was thinking of doing that, but I have no idea how to properly format them so they load properly in Builder! :sweat_smile:

I can try to make the UI for it though!


Edit: figured it out, definitely using it in my hack, you’ll be credited for your amazing work!

And yeah sure, take your time :slight_smile:

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Hey just wanted to ask, is your RD stat screen free to edit? Thanks! Love your spritework btw

Yup, anything submitted to the repo is F2E! Just please credit me for the original stat screen if you do. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback! :heart_eyes:

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Decided to try something a little different; FE10-style splices! It’s actually not too hard to get the hang of if you keep it simple, but we’ll see if I change my tune as I get more experience. This one is of my self-insert!


Double post! Here are some of the splices I’ve worked on recently. All F2E. I’m going to do a massive purge/rework of the OP eventually so I can organize what was made by other people partly and what’s “vanilla”.

Uses pieces from glac with permission and Laurent Lacroix.
Teenage SorceressCanDy

Uses pieces from Nickt and Dolkar.
Ch 6-Amanda

Uses pieces from Nickt. Meant to be a Cormag timeskip.

Uses pieces from Stitch and Atey. Meant to be a Colm timeskip.

Uses pieces from Laurent Lacroix/Levin and Nickt.