[CANCELLED] Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem GBA

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem: Now in Sacred Stones!

serenes crosspost ahead
So I’ve been mulling it over for a bit, and I think my next project will be a rough port of FE3 to FE8. I’ll be basing this on the original Book 2, so there’s no avatar present. Names will be to my preference, leaning towards pre-Shadow Dragon fan names and the FE3 translation. Stuff like rescue will still be present, so don’t worry about that.

And since talk is cheap, have this.
end crosspost

So yeah. This aims to recreate FE3 in FE8, simply enough. The biggest hurdle, dismount, has already had an ASM hack made by @Crazycolorz5, so I got that out of the way quickly. Afterwards, it’s just editing a load of tables, assigning loads of bytes, punching in tons of dialogue, and a bunch of fancy eventing. Yeah, stuff like Again might be tough to get in… but let’s just cross that bridge when we get to it. I hope to release a patch when I get to the first music change at Ch9, but no promises, and this is done when it’s done. If you’re interested in helping out, just send me a PM or just post your interest here and I’ll get back to you.

Patch ETA: 2020.

EDIT: Boy, the above statement didn’t age well. I speak to you from the year 2021. This thing is dead. I dug up the source a while ago, and these tagging policies gave me a good excuse to edit this in, so knock yourself out. Patch release, therefore not a concept.

Do whatever, I do not see myself coming back to this relic any time soon. Just let me know if you want to slap together a new FE3 remake out of its parts. The good portraits are by Alusq, so contact him for those permissions.

The FEE3 patch, for the record.
Expect no support, for you will not receive any.


As a big fan of FE3, I’m hyped for this. While I can’t help much beyond Nightmare gruntwork, testing shit, and writing, feel free to ask if you want my albeit limited help.

Also, Tiki>Chiki

I wasn’t a fan of Mystery on the SNES, but maybe this hack will be just what I need to give it another chance… I’m interested.

(Does this mean we won’t have Axe users?)

Wasn’t @Arch working on a GBA FE1/3 game?
Maybe see if he has some stuff left over from it that he can share.
All I have from back then was the Aran(?) mug I did that eventually became this:

Alternatively, if you want FE3 style
I don’t even know if I based this on the right portrait rip


That was the angry Marth. Serenes didn’t have angry Marth anyway, so I’m not exactly complaining.

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I love the FE3 style, so I like the second mug.

As a Mystery of the Emblem fan I will be watching this.

playable axe users or I riot

Work on Ch1 has now begun. While you wait, have this blooper…

Armoury guy, stop stalking Malliesia. Fates fanboys, no you can’t marry her, we weren’t Waifu Simulator yet. well maybe you can’t…


>Is a Fates Fanboy
>Wouldn’t waif Mallasia anyway even when given the option in FE12

Still think Mallesia’s recruitment convo is the biggest pre RD WTF moment in the series tbh.

I’ve got quite a few mugshots from Exalted Legacy and would be happy to share if asked. It looks like people are pretty fond of the FE3 style tho.


Board hype train here!


Hype train is engaged. I’ve always wanted to play FE3 but it’s a tad bit outdated, and Kris makes me go “ech”.

-General Lorenz Lawrence
I’m glad you’re remaining faithful to the source material.

Is Samto gonna be actually usable in this?

Wow, that means this project will see the light of day sooner than a FEXNA public release. Awful lot of positive thinking in here!

That feeling when fans know better than the official translation team what “faithful to the source material” means.

I’m being sarcastic. The character’s name is Lorenz. People gotta #GetOverIt the name has been changed for seveal years at this point.

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I know that feeling all too well. I’m not even sure what to call Marth’s pegasus-riding wife anymore.

And then there’s the whole other can of worms named Erin…

be like me and continue to call her Sheeda even though that’s been outdated for years and I wasn’t even part of the fanbase when it wasn’t outdated

I just call her Pega Pony Princess because fuck it, that’s more consistent than anything else in this fandom