Can you help me to use the patch from project ember?

I tried to use the patch to test the game but I couldn’t if someone can help me I would appreciate it :frowning:

What specifically are you having trouble with?

Did you try to apply it to a translated rom? That won’t work.

really thank you very much now it’s working thanks

What is Project Ember?

This is Project Ember

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wait so how do I translate the game to English?

Idk. Ask the project creator on their project thread.

the patch comes with the english translation, as project ember is based on an already translated fe6 rom

I’m encountering an issue which is pretty interesting and I’m hoping to get it solved (or I’ve just missed something completely obvious)

so I’ve downloaded the rom and applied the patch yet whenever I run the game I noticed that none of the graphics had been updated. Everybody has their new bases and weapons ranks, as well as 3 range bows and all that however the entire game is using old attack animations, backgrounds, character portraits, and character sprites. I have no idea how this is happening so any help would be appreciated.

Try applying the patch to a clean, unedited fe6 rom and let us know if the same issue occurs.

Project ember install link

I don’t have any problems doing it I think I understand it I’m just salty I can’t do this on iPhone to play it I don’t have computer

It works on any operating system. It’s a website, not a windows program

Thanks I manage to get it work thanks for the information