Can there be more than 1 summon skill? [SOLVED]

As you may know, the summon skill in vanilla FE8 let’s you, well… summon a phantom unit. But it can also be modified to summon a different class of unit, or even a random one from a pre-defined table of selectable classes.

But my question is the following: Can you have 2 or more separate summon skills, that have their class selection completely separated? For example, one that summons normal phantoms, and one that summons both fighters and myrmidons?

You could with asm. But to answer your question, nobody has done this already to my knowledge.

You can repurpose the Demon King’s summon skill. That way, you’d be able to choose between a regular summon and a multi-summon.

There are patches to choose which class has access to the multi-summon, and patches to choose the faction of the summoned units.

The easiest way I could think to do this would be:

  1. Vanilla FE8 summoning remains as vanilla, obviously
  2. Use the Demon King summoning’s ASM command for the secondary summon, either by events (using “Special Event for each unit” patch if you feel like it) or by hooking a skill to the Demon King’s prompt.

An even more lazy way to do the the second one would be to just “summon” the units by loading them normally and then teleporting them on top of/next to the summoner.

Using MOVENEXTTO is best via events (with speed 65535) such that the vanilla routines sort out where to place the units automatically.

wait. Isn’t the Domon King’s summon an event? I thought it was because he summons multiple monsters on non-adjacent tiles

Nevermind everyone. It can be changed per-unit that can use the summon skill