Can someone put this In FE face sprite format please

Okay I have no idea if I said that right but I need this picture the right size and in 14 colors or how ever many colors blazing sword allows. I’ve tried myself but the stupid thing keeps getting completely messed up. He’s the male tactician character I have for my game. I created him with a program but the program doesns’t format him so i can just go straight to splicing. I can do everything else I just need it to be the right size and pallet for splicing. I’m always happy to help you in return in anyway I can FE related. Thank you for your help.

I can do it if you tell me which face you used, if it is not a fe6 one I will be happy to do it.
Edit: do you have a .PNG version of this character .JPG have like a million different unseen colors.

It’s Ephraims Face,chads hair, and orsons armor. My male tactician is a bit of a FE Frankenstein lol :stuck_out_tongue:. I’m sorry about the jpg the program I use only does that version and the size it’s a java script program I don’t know how to change it. I have changed it to a png before and used another program to delete the random uneeded colors but it just kept getting super annoying. Every time I would edit it the stupid thing would go back to like a million colors despite changing it to png. You can change it to png easily with gimp then use that FE program to edit faces and sprites it has requantizer thing just don’t go to fast or he’ll end up with pink skin. Sorry I can’t come with that name I have a cold so my brain isn’t working right >.< sorry for all the trouble and thank you for the help.

I had to redo it myself, and with the help of some other members, I made it more realistic,

I wanted to know if you wanted some modification before completing it?

Wow thank you it looks amazing sorry to put you guys through all that trouble. Also sorry for the late reply was busy. Could you give me the names of the memebers that helped you in a message I would like to give them and you some credit for the creation of the male tactician in my hack. If that’s okay and not wierd lol thank you again.