Can I use Gaiden Spells and Skill systems together?

So I have been reading around and am not sure whether or not it is possible to do but is there a way to have Skillsystems and the Gaiden Spell system in the same patch? I have tried building Skillsystems but I have had 0 luck in making a working version so is there I’m looking for a little guidance on where to look.

Yes you can, but it is only available through the skillsystems github page (eg. buildfiles) and not as a febuilder patch

Recently, Sme has made a way to incorporate gaiden spell system with the skill system. But it is only through buildfiles at the moment. The gaiden system in FeBuilder is very outdated and not compatible unfortunately. We just have to wait until 7743 updates that which takes some time.

Edit: Here’s the link if you are interested in the skill system features.

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@Snakey1 made it not me!! but yes it’s integrated and everything, see


Sorry about that! You made the tutorial so I assumed wrong.

Edit: Because the snake told me to, Gamma made the system and he helped with insertion into the skills system.

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ouch :stuck_out_tongue:
(But even credit where credit’s due considered Gamma gets some too)

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