Calm down with the Q&A thread meme

I’m not going to delete them all because there’s some actual value in having a place where people ask you questions and you answer them. However, most of these threads are obviously not genuine and everyone’s just posting their own and clogging up the forum trying to make a meme. Consider this your friendly warning to cut it out.


Thank you men

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TBF I think Pik or Zero started it. By the way, how is sqal doing?

Thanks for the information.

EDIT: Can confirm. Camus Zero shot first.

I don’t care who started it. Bluid clearly posted the SALVAGED Q&A with the intent of having a useful thread where people can ask the face of the spriting team about their methods, what they’re doing next, etc, whereas most of the threads afterward are just bandwagoning. If people genuinely just wanted to ask each other questions, my gut tells me they’d do it on the Discord server instead of posting it on the forum.


sorry mom :frowning:


I never got to post mine. :frowning: It’s for the best, I’m sure.

I’ve just merged all the individual QnAs. I’ll leave the team ones up for now, because those seem to serve a better purpose than to bandwagon.

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I was actually serious about mine, of the few legit questions asked in my thread I gave an actual answer to the serious one (the second answer I gave was a joke response to one of my dev team members).

But it’s your call, sorry for any inconveniences.

I don’t use the FEU Discord, so I also was serious in my intent. But fair play, my bad dudes.

I wasn’t actually intending mine to be a bandwagon one, but nuke/merge it anyways, if needed.

You’re welcome to use the general thread for your QnA needs. However, I’d like individual user QnAs to stay in that thread unless it’s a special occasion (please clear it with us first).


The general QnA thread is pretty entertaining actually all together like that. But yeah, no need for dozens of those threads.

I agree, the merged Q&A thread is much funnier than the individual ones were.

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Finally i didn’t need to ignore those qna topics.