Call to arms: Two Chapters needed for Former Blitz

This is a request from the now Leader of Weekly, a failed Blitz which is being turned into a full hack, for volunteers to make two new chapters.

The Two chapters needed are, Ch21 and Ch26.
I would like the people interested (if there are any tbh) to Ping me on discord in the community blitz channel. The first people to ping me will be given the chapters should they have a map done/with major progress done in two days.

Necessary for you to be considered:

It to be buildfile friendly.

Must not be generated by FEBuilder, this could cause problems should the need to debug your chapter come up and someone isn’t able to read your chapter. [Won’t get you immediately out of consideration]

Thank you for reading, we will not fail the resurrection, we will rise like a phoenix.
~Aurora(On Discord).

weekly is back