Bug With Status Conditions FE Sacred Stones Hacking

While hacking Sacred Stones I’ve encountered a weird issue where sleep, poison, and similar effects last forever. I am using FEBuilder and have many patches installed. When checking the condition on the stat screen, the turns count down to zero, but stay at zero and continue to affect the unit for the rest of the map. I can’t be sure when this bug was created because I have been hacking the rom for several months and only just noticed the bug. Might anyone have any insight into what might cause this?

If you use SkillSystems(20190708), it is a bug in boon skills.

There is a way to uninstall boon, so please use it.

If that doesn’t work, send report7z.

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Thank you so much for the help. This solution worked. I really appreciate the quick response. Might I need to uninstall this patch in the future if the bug with skill systems is fixed?