Brunnya and Murdock portraits with FE8 colors?

Does anyone have the portraits of Brunnya and Murdock with palettes more in line with FE8? There is a good amount of FE6 portraits in the repo, but these two are missing. I’m including some characters from FE6 in my hack and would like to use them, but the different color scheme is very noticeable and undesired. They don’t even need to blink, just the originals with updated colors will do.

Brunnya Murdock%20(Old) Murdock%20(Young)

Here you go.
You can replicate this using the Color Picker and Paint Bucket tools in or even regular Paint.
Just match the skin tones and borders respectively to achieve desired results.

Also someone posted the FE6 portraits with Blinking Frames and extra Mouth Frames, which I think is free to use.

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Thanks for the portraits and the tip. I recently started using but I’m still learning the tools.

Not sure who made it, but here is every single mug from FE6 with FE8 mouth frames and such and such, as Airavat described.
Palettes are the same as FE6, but the hardest part is already done anyhow.


that would be lenh’s doing!


The mugs first posted seem to have just updated skin-tones and outlines.
Here’s my tweaked Murdock FE7 in Usenti for example, ignore the frames and the weird smile, I gave up frustratingly.

357674426a6f1bf8dfaef26762903920b7a74d1fimageimage mine/posted/original


It always warms my heart to see how supportive this community is. Thanks everyone!

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NICKT thanks for picking up my slack, I totally forgot to update the hair and armor. I knew it looked a little off, lol.

As recompense I hereby post my Murdock fusion (Old armor and young face + slightly edited chibi mug) sprite: