Broken Blades (Formerly known as Dragon Saga Book 1) New Trailer Released

Major Gameplay Changes:
Return of the Follow-Up Critical Modifier
Doubling is not allowed on defense/enemy phase, unless a unit has the Swift Fighter skill. However, those with that skill trade off the ability to crit for it.
Fatigue will always reset after the end of a chapter, however, a fatigued unit will have their Strength, Magic, Speed, and Movement cut in half, a -20 penalty to their Avoid, as well as halved hit rates.
SP is used to activate skills instead of having a random proc rate.
Personal Weapons automatically repair upon completion of a chapter.

@rainlash, Mag, @kdports for developing Lex Talionis
@RobertTheSable for ripping the SNES Tilesets
@Zane for ripping the FE5 Map Sprites
@Psychout40 for converting FE5 Map Sprites to LT Format
Other Graphics by:

  • IS
    -Indogutsu Tenbuki

Special Thanks:
The people of FEU who put in the work to give us an abundance of assets we can use.


Is the use of the archaic MPow and MDef supposed to evoke the feeling of an old fan translation?

Pretty much.

Played through the demo. I’d say “switch to 2 RN” but your post already made it clear you’re not gonna do that, so I’ll just say that 1 RN harmed the overall package from what I played.

However, the biggest suggestion I want to make is give the player a convoy from the start. The first three maps not having a convoy was a massive pain in the ass, and actively discouraged me from capturing anything. There is no good reason to lack a convoy when your hack has capture. And that shopping map was a massive kick in the balls, because you don’t even get a convoy for that! I bought nothing there, because I didn’t have the space for stuff. And then you get a convoy when the map ends? That’s just cruel. Give the player a convoy from the start, PLEASE.

Sure, fuck it. I’ll have it in the next update.

Also, welcome to Dragon Saga!

Uh… That doesn’t inspire confidence if that’s your response to the convoy gripe.

I mean, I did it, didn’t I?
Does anything else really matter?

Oh I meant your second line, after you quoted me. Not the first thing you said.

Oh, my bad.

As for the second line, if you think I’ll be making a lot of decisions like that, that is not true. However, this game can be very punishing, and that was my intention behind it.

New gameplay feels really weird & it is pretty unbalanced.Weaker units are having a bad time enemy phasing.

New Update!

While this update doesn’t add any new chapter (Chapter 4 will be out when it’s out).
I have taken the liberty of addressing some of the criticisms I’ve gotten, as well as make some personal changes from my testing/watching testers.
Just like with the credits, the changelog is included as a .txt file with the patch.

If you want to further invoke the feel of an old fan translation, you should have Spd as Agi.

Just wanted to give a small update on the project (no new patches yet, there are things I still need to fix). After watching more playtesters and listening to their feedback, I’ve come to this conclusion:

Certain chapters just need their difficulty nerfed a bit. There are moments that come off as more artificial difficulty wise. These will be addressed with the next update.

But more importantly, the coming update will address a lot of conveyance issues that were missed during private playtesting.

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Update is now live. Changelog is in the download like as per usual.

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Just wanted to give another update.

After having some discussions in private with playtesters, I have come to the conclusion that I cannot properly implement the SkillSystems patch in the way I wanted to.

I wanted every class to have a unique skill that both players and enemies can use to their advantage, and this just isn’t working right. It just causes more frustration, and I’m going to strip it back down.

I didn’t want to load up on proc skills with this because, well, they’re just too random.

I’m keeping the patch in so capturing can still work, as well as the Str/Mag split, as testing with other patches has been unsatisfactory. I will also be keeping Canto+ for mounted units, Watchful for armored knights, and Locktouch.

Edit: I might give Snipers Bow Range +1 and Bishops (Not the Dark/Anima versions) +1 to staff range. I’d like some more feedback on that though.

As for dismounting, someone brought up a great point. This is only a quirk that I personally like, but all it really does is homogenize units. So I will be removing that as well.

As for the next update, expect this game to place more emphasis on fundamental play (think more like FE3/5).

Edit: Promotions will also be undergoing a simplification. I’ll be using the method @Pandan used in Vision Quest. I like it a lot, and I think it will work fine here.

Edit: All hybrid classes will be removed. However, some classes will undergo changes to this: (Example: Pegasus Riders will now be split between using Anima Magic and Staves.)

Final Note: As I will be rebuilding this from the ground up, I have decided to abandon this current build. I will keep this build available after 3.0 has been released.

Can you had fixed growth stats please :pray:

I’ll add a separate patch in the next update for those who want it (as well as a 0% growths patch), but I personally don’t feel it’s necessary.

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Alright, I’ve added the patch to the download link.

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I sometimes use febuilder to add fixed growth and crash/bug the game