Brigands and villages(fe8)

I just started rom hacking recently and I’ve met a problem, in my maps, when brigands destroy villages, the villages don’t get destroyed, why is this happening?

Are you using FEB or buildfiles? If you’re using FEB, make sure to create a map tile change, and set map object (Village center - thief target).

It’s because villages get two map objects and 2 tile changes.

The first map object is the “visit” location event which starts a conversation and gives your unit an item. The second map object is a “center of village” object which tells brigands where to go to destroy the village. This goes in the center of the village.

The first tilechange - closing the gate - should be triggered by your visit event. That way you get the item and then the gate closes.

The second tile change is the ruins tiles. This I believe is automatically triggered by the game when the village is destroyed.

Be sure to check out this thread if you want to hack Fe 8: [FE8] The grand eventing wiki/chapter construction guide [WIP]
If you’re working with FeBuilder then some of the specific commands may not apply, but the general concepts are all the same.
You can also check out this (somewhat dated) video tutorial on FeBuilder specifically, It kind of step by step walks through building your first chapter:FEBuilderGBA Video Tutorial

And Welcome to FEU!

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