Brave effect only activates when unit initiates battle

Taking a page out of FE14’s playbook here, because I think it’s a nice nerf to the brave effect. Basically, allied units’ brave weapons would function like ordinary weapons on the enemy phase (or on the player/npc phase for an enemy). This forces the player to be more strategic with their use; you don’t want to waste durability fighting with brave weapons on the enemy phase when the brave effect doesn’t apply.

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I would appraise this task as fairly difficult as the round system, which keeps track of the attacker/etc is separate from the application of the brave effect.

On the other hand, since the game is already compiled, you can just do a hard check against 0x203A3F0.

Er, if anything, you’re wasting durability when it’s effect is normal, not when it’s not allowed to double. I think this is kind of a pointless nerf(if it’s even one); it makes the enemy brave weapons not as scary, which allows the player to be sloppy when positioning. It does almost nothing negative on the player side because 9/10 you won’t want the brave weapon to stay equipped because they only have 30 uses(which really equates to 15).

This sounds really dumb. The more I hear about FE14’s systems the more baffled I am. So instead of making Brave weapons have +1 attack over regular weapons or some other thing that makes sense, FE14 makes them selectively brave? Why? It’s unintuitive and doesn’t make any sense at all. It’s like finding out that a weapon nerfs your hitrate by -50 in battle, but doesn’t actually display the hitrate loss, leading you to wonder why you’re missing with 100% chances.

Seriously, why not just nerf Brave weapons to 3 attacks instead of 4? At least that would make sense.

While I don’t know how to apply it in a hack myself, I don’t think its counterintuitive in the least considering braves are usually used only by bosses and the one of each type the player gets each playthrough. On the boss side of the spectrum, it adds heightened risk to the preferred boss fight plan in FE of letting them attack you on enemy phase, then healing and repeating. As for the player side, FE14 takes a unique approach by foregoing durability and making the player pick the best weapon for the situation, which from what I’ve heard, is actually made rather in depth in this weapon system. In fact, the one attack on enemy phase is a good thing for the player in FE14, since they would suffer less stat nerfs from attacking less when tanking. Of course, brave wielding enemies can use this effect to their advantage as well. I like Fates new weapon simply because the weapons from what I’ve seen are among the most balanced in the series, and I can’t wait to check it out in 2016.

As for the nerf working for a game with durability, only if when the brave effect triggers, 2 attacks are counted as 1 point of durability.

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