I’m here to make a huge callout post towards Bloopy, that COWARD in this community we know and love as Fire Emblem Universe, a.k.a. on You see, Bloopy used to always be cool in my eyes and I think mostly everyone likes the dude, but now he’s degraded slowly and slowly due to multiple reasons that I WILL DISCUSS SO CONTINUE READING, to the point where I believe it’s time I call out that SICK BASTARD for the CRIMES on HUMANITY he has done.

That’s right, folks. Nothing good to see from this lad, not anymore. This guy has the BALLS to call me uncool, out of all people, when he is the one who is actually uncool and lame and bad. Wanna know what happened? You wanna know what the hell the context to this HORRIBLE post on Discord was all about? It’s about Fire Emblem: Fatih and Blood/Bloop, something MANY people have been awaiting on a confirmation for, for about OVER A YEAR. And if you do not know already, SME is the figurehead of that rally.
But what does Bloopy do? He ignores every question regarding it. He blacks out all the media, and hell, he goes full China (no offense to the Chinese or commies) and DELETES FATIH AND BLOOD MESSAGES. He is a COWARD and has finally SNAPPED, which means I am PISSED OFF at this HORRIBLE HORRIBLE behavior.
Just to show what kind of horrible action he has taken only to make himself look more like a FOOLISH MONKEY, take a look at this paper.

AS YOU CAN SEE (which it is mostly blurred because I need the rights to post the full paper), there has been a HEAVY decrease in hype for Faith and Blood, which is directly correlated to the newfound hype for Fatih and Blood. But this COWARD BLOOPY doesn’t WANT to recognize this, and as such he goes on HARASSING other users who ask about it (SPECIFICALLY ME) and pretends like it’s all okay. The demand is there, Bloopy. People are talking about such an amazing idea everywhere, but you’re a COWARD. You sit there and IGNORE THE PEOPLE. They are revolting, and you’re sitting there acting like MANGS the MASSIVE MOOMER.
But no longer, Bloopy. Now that I’ve called you out, you have to face the rebellion. See what happens when you ignore the people, Bloopy? Rebellion happens. Rebellion over your STUPID MEAN WAYS where you WON’T MAKE the hack for me. How long will you keep ignoring the people and Sme, one of the most respected and well known hackers in the community with four years of service and a grand total of 9 completed hacks posted? Do you really think we’re just going to stand by and watch as you act like a TYRANT? No! No, we aren’t! We’re sick of this bullshit and everything that you do to hate on the Fatih and Bloop fanbase, which has a huge following before the game even BEGINS development. Are you a true hacker, or are you a coward who sits behind the screen and calls me a fat poo poo kaka? Huh? What is it, Bloop?!
So now, I officially declare a boycott on all Bloopsoft works, INCLUDING Faith and Blood until he says sorry and pays the fines that are RIGHTFULLY in his debt. We as a community have to stand up to this man who does NOTHING but post CRINGE and STUPID SELFIES. WE GET IT BLOOPY, YOU’RE HOT, BUT I’M TIRED OF YOU POSTING SELFIES OVER AND OVER IN UNDEREST WHEN I’M TRYING TO LOOK AT CUTE ANIME GIRLS. GOD. So yeah. Hopefully if we can boycott his hack he will finally listen to the community that will gatekeep him with elitism and begin working on both games which is what the community really wants and needs. Because clearly, the odds are in his favour. If he won’t give it, then he must give the torch either to Klok or Kyubey, whichever! Because enough is enough!
So what will I be doing? I will continue to call him out on Discord and “downvote” all the selfies he ever posts. Yeah. That’s right. I’m gonna shit on your posts on Discord #underest, Bloopy! Then you know how I feel once I’m done with it! But that’s not all! I’ll keep making alternative accounts if I get banned and keep pestering you until you say sorry for what you did to me! Got it?? Because I hope you do! Oh, and by the way? I bet your peepee is the size of this MIDI except EVEN SMALLER. MINE IS AS BIG AS THE BGM WAVS I INSERT


Is Roy in this hack?


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I’ve come to make an announcement, Bloopy’s a bitch ass mother fucker. He pissed on my fucking romhack. That’s right, he took his hacker little shitty asm out and he pissed on my fucking romhack, and he said his buildfile was THIS BIG. And I said “that’s disgusting!” So I’m making a callout post on my twitter. com. Bloopy, you got a small buildfile, it’s the size of this midi except WAY smaller. And guess what, here’s what my git looks like: PFFFFFFFFGJT . That’s right baby. All events, no txt, no extensionless, look at that it looks like two events and a bat. He fucked my romhack so guess what, I’m gonna FUCK THE EARTH. THATS RIGHT THIS IS WHAT YOU GET, MY SUPER LAZER PISS. Except I’m not gonna piss on the earth, I’m gonna go higher. I’m pissing on the MOOOOOON


How much money did he pay you?
Everyone knows he targets you MORE than me. Don’t lie. Be brave and speak against what the media tells you.

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lolis good

EA good

no, kireiposting is banned in this christian discourse


Not really sure the context of all this, but do you have more screenshots of these various interactions?
Also, I think an unblurred version of that paper might help give context as to what the graph means in a larger scheme of things and/or how it relates to your argument.


You know what @SageMatthis? He doesn’t have more screenshots of these aforementioned “various interactions”. Why, you ask? BECAUSE THEY DON’T EXIST. Fatih blurred the article because he wanted to hide that this post is a feeble attempt at inciting a WITCHHUNT to destroy the reputation of a good man. Just sad.



Also to hide a propaganda to commit digital children genocide


Don’t lie you coward. If you were a MAN you’d ADMIT THAT I’M RIGHT
I don’t give a damn about your reputation, it died ages ago ever since you ignored the one legendary time I asked you if you wanted to make what would become the best hack ever made in any game. If you want to pay 40 bucks to read the article fine by me, but that’s still besides the point. You went ahead and DISRESPECTED ME WITH YOUR WORDS. We were gifted with knowledge, power and communication, but look what you did. All you used these gifts for was to talk down on me as if I am not a fellow hard worker like most of everyone here on this platform. Why? What have I done? Is it because you’re too afraid of failure? Failure helps us grow, bucko. The sad thing is that you don’t have any FAITH in it!
Cry more! I’ll get people to see you for who you really are!


God gazes upon this thread, and all he feels is regret for creating humankind.


Y’all motherfuckers need Jesus.


Why must everyone fight?


everyone should be nice.


stop being mean to him you’re making me cry


Well, if neither side has further evidence to present, there honestly is not much of a case here.
If we followed the United States law system, one is innocent until proven guilty. Unless either side can present direct evidence that a crime/wrongdoing was committed, there really is not much that can be done about this case.
The article is circumstantial evidence here, and without any direct evidence to show their correlation, it alone cannot prove anything.
The screenshot is direct evidence as it does illustrate the point being made. However, it does not prove to the extent that is being made in the entire case being made here.

Feel free to kick me off the witness stand at any point.


blease be kind to one another. BLEASE


so guys how about them fire emblem hacks? you guys play any good ones recently?


Tear Ring Saga by Shozou_Kaga was p good, but the thread isn’t on this site.