Bow Cyclops Skill ASM

A small request for a skill since I want to use the Bow Cyclops animation but it really wants a unique twist. This skill would turn any bow the Cyclops wields into a 3-10 range ballista type weapon. Iron bow, short bow, longbow, whatever, they all become 3-10 range.

Downsides: The Cyclops loses some hitrate (Depending on balance, somewhere from 25-40% hitrate) and can no longer double with anything, except a Brave Bow.

I am willing to pay $10 for this.

I can hack this skill in Chinese verson。

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Unfortunately, the English version is the only one I need it for.

I did a similar thing for Alfred Kamon that treats all 2~2 bows as 2~3

Yeah, I wouldn’t need that though, since all bows are by default 2-3 (Except longbows, which are 4-5), I just need the range to be forced to 3-10 for this skill. Basically if the weapon type is bow, it’s always a non-doubling ballista, barring a Brave Bow.

Yeah it wouldn’t be difficult to modify my existing code for that all I have to do is change the code to add 1 to just constant 3A and edit the hit handicapping but I wrote it in such a way that it feeds off my skill engine so you’d have to patch that too which isn’t complete and not user friendly

That’s unfortunate.

I could rewrite it to make it not so dependent on the system and just hardcode it to the Cyclops class if you want

That would work for me. I’m using the vanilla class position for Cyclops, ID# 0x7C.

Will have to wait until next week for payment but it will come next week.

Okay my friend I do this for 2 goat and 3 chicken

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