Boss fighter


In case you haven’t heard elsewhere, we are currently participating in the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest run by the RPGMaker and Humble Bundle guys. Our entry is BOSS FIGHTER!

In BOSS FIGHTER, the name of the game is FIGHTING BOSSES, and you do that by jump-canceling your moves to keep a steady chain of damage flowing, while simultaneously using your special moves to avoid damage and manoeuvre yourself. It is recommended that you use a gamepad for precision control.

Try and beat all three as fast as you can!

Here’s a video of it in action. Go download it, vote for it, and tell your friends!

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I posted some concepts on my tumblr that illustrates the full scope of our design so check those out

I dig this quite a bit, as the area’s resident fighting game junkie.

Reminds me of Warzard/Red Earth, conceptually. :smiley: