Bleach Emblem concept

Hey. I am a large fan of Bleach and Fire Emblem and want to do a Fire Emblem fan game that basically translates the large story and cast of characters into a Fire Emblem game. However, there are a lot of things I want to include that aren’t naturally found in vanilla GBA Fire Emblem, and I’d like to see how much of my vision is actually feasible. Here’s the full list of things I want to do:
•Total of 57 chapters, including flashbacks and 1 on 1 battles
•Mostly class based skill system
•Inclusion of gauntlets and shurikens as “new” weapon types
•Inclusion of several job classes from Fates and 3 Houses
•Still image scenes like what we had in Blazing Sword and Sacred Stones
•Manipulation of the Fire particle effect in Blazing Sword to make a Phoenix
•Multiphase bosses that change class mid chapter
•At least partial implementation of the demonic beasts from 3 Houses (the large sprite and multi target attacks should suffice)
•Certain party members leave and rejoin the party at certain points in the story
•One early boss that mirrors your character’s stats and equipment
•Some characters being able to temporarily boost their stats through Hollowfication/Shunko
•Cat and bird transformations
•In one chapter, the main character is replaced with the final boss of Sacred Stones
•BIG enemy sprites
•Third tier promotions like in Radiant Dawn
•Both the fake final boss and a late game boss can alter the map itself
•In the end of one chapter, the characters you deployed (including the main character) are jailed and can’t be deployed the next chapter
•One of the endgame bosses is literally a giant hand rather than any class
•A point of no return “battle preparations” where you choose your party/equipment for the last 3 chapters
So how much of this can actually be done? If not, then what are the best possible compromises?


Try it and see what you can do. Set realistic expectations and limit the scope of what you hope to achieve before setting a lofty goal of 57 chapters with a bunch of custom mechanics. Make at least a single chapter (and playtest it), then decide where your project will go and what you’ll need.

Good luck.


How are you handling the variations of bleach? Are you limiting it to Clorox or are you dipping into other brands?


From the mention of the “giant hand” it sounds like you wanna go all the way through TYBW, which while impressive definitely sounds like a really big undertaking, especially with all the cuts that will probably have to be made to prevent dialogue bloat.

I’d maybe make a demo featuring some important moments from the first arc, maybe ending with a small Defend Map against Renji & Byakuya as they take Rukia away? Both to get your feet wet and to get people interested, cause this definitely has potential to be cool!


I do not like clorox, they use too many preservatives that leave a bad aftertaste. Homebrewed bleach is the way to go!


I’m super interested in that project as a Bleach fan myself. I have a created a personnal crossover lore of a FE7 x Naruto x Bleach x (bits of other games).
I am also looking to work with someone who is more familiar with FEbuilder as I have a hard time starting “from scratch” and technical aspects.

Hmu whenever, i’ll be glad to invest myself into that project: its going to be a great learning experience. I think I can share super good pointers on my end concerning game design :slight_smile:


Thank you. I have most of everything drawn out. It’s just a matter of putting it all into code and turning it into an actual Fire Emblem fan game (which will definitely be the hard part).


you should just use lex talionis because that is a lot of new stuff that would require a lot of work for very little benefit on the gba engine


Looking at what you are proposing, a good chunk of it is doable, even on the GBA.
But as someone currently making a fan hack of a different franchise, I can tell you the hardest thing you will face is animations, many of which takes 20+ hours each.

Its a huge commitment so you should be aware of that going in.


Incidentally, OP, you ever heard of Bleach : The 3rd Phantom?
Genuinely pretty good Bleach srpg on the… original DS I believe.

If you haven’t played it already, I recommend looking to it to see what’s been done already.


I have heard of it but I’d also like to see one that goes all the way into the final arc since the only game I know to have covered that part in general is Brave Souls

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While I’m not too familiar with FEbuilder yet, i’d be glad to work on it, its gonna be an opportunity to learn anyways