Blazing Shell: To-Do List

What’s say we start the year off right with a development-ready release of Blazing Shell? The goal is to have it prepared in time to start 2015. I won’t be focusing on my other projects until we have Blazing Shell, since it’ll be necessary to build the “Exalted Engine” off of that. So I’m ready to make this happen.

[*] = Coded
[x] = Coded & implemented

General Things:

[ ] Possibly an “event nuke” command prompt that will just delete all of the event data? That’d make taking care of that so much easier, if writting something to handle that wouldn’t be too hard. The only trip-up is having it not follow ASMC pointers to delete those. ~@CT075
[ ] Clearing out text slots (as outlined by necessity in this topic) to create more free space.
[ ] Nuke the original map data too while we’re at it.
[ ] Nuke ye olde cutscene graphics.

Character Array:
[x] Repoint & scrub entries.
[ ] Finishing support for branching promotions and multiple tiers: applying this to custom animations. This frees up four bytes in the character array (palette and custom animation settings for both tiers).

[x] Repoint to allow for 255 entries (although only 127 of them work due to the save format).
[ ] Modifying the canto routine to assign Nintenlord’s mounted move again after attack to one of the unused character/class ability bits.
[x] Changing the Crit +15 class ability bit (disable it as a bit ability) to read from an array and act as more of a general “battle stat boost” property, with the ability to set avoid, crit, and hit boosts (ala FEDS) with one entry for each individual class.

[x] Repoint and expand standing map sprite array.
[x] Repoint and expand moving map sprite array.

[x] Repoint and expand weapon/item array to allow for 255 entries.

[x] Repoint and expand item usability pointer array.
[x] Repoint and expand item effect pointer array.

[x] Repoint weapon icons.
[ ] Install Cam’s icon display fix.

Chapter Array:
[ ] Adding a secondary goal text switch for chapters, with text IDs defined in an expanded chapter struct.

Event Functionality:
[] Modifying the “Seize” command to read from an array based on the Chapter slot - points to a list of characters that can seize to override (0x00 just gives you default lord settings).
[ ] Unlocking the “Visit” command so that it works on any tile (ala Armory, Shop, Seize, etc.) rather than only on houses/village gates.
] Implement “defeat X enemies” chapter goals. @Crazycolorz5 did this. You can set the number of enemies to kill with the turn count byte in the Chapter struct, complete with ASM routines to display a kill counter on command and a win condition.


[x] Create nightmare module to install venno’s FE9 support system hack.
[x] Create nightmare module to install venno’s support range hack.

[x] Repoint, wipe, and expand the support slot array.
[x] Repoint the affinities array; adds Earth, Water, and Heaven affinities.

I’d be down for most of those you’ve put me up for; the event wipe in particular should give me a chance to test my scripting again

I also remember discussing a sort-of “plugin manager” that can install various ASM mods and stuff into a pre-designated free-space area (and manage that space for you)?

Did the issue with increasing the number of icons available get fixed?

If you mean [this][1], then yes.
[1]:Item Icon Bugfix Bugfix

Putting up some new concepts.

For the record, we’ve now got 9 unused bits under class/character abilities. Ability 3: 0x01, 0x02, 0x04, 0x80. Ability 4: 0x08, 0x10, 0x20, 0x40, 0x80. It’d be cool to see them all get gobbled up.

Aren’t the Ability 4’s all weapon locks?

No longer used since Venno obsoleted them. Most of the are weapon locks, then also the 0x80 in 3 was glitched and fixed and the drop item bit is also now useless.

Oh, right, the weapon locks are in the table, not the characters. Right. I was thinking Weapon Ability 4.

Hey guys, I kind of remember there being some talk of writing tutorials for the Fire Shell project?

I’m pretty busy atm but in my downtime I’ll be playing with this, and I’d be happy to start converting my notes into some sort of noob-friendly formats for you as I go…

I was planning on writing some other tutorials as well, including an in-depth Usenti tutorial (as I’ve unfortunately become intimately familiar with that program throughout my various graphic hacking endeavors)


Eventually I’d like to write a fairly comprehensive step-by-step graphic hacking guide, from simple map sprite insertion to modding compressed TSA’s (statsheeeeeet) and whatnot.

But yeah I think it’d be nice if FireShell came with its own set of docs (preferably of progressing technicality so noobs have somewhere to start) to help the user get into hacking and implement specific functions of FireShell (although obviously we don’t want to re-write the UT or anything).

Just my $.02 :3

Wanna help write notes on how to modify the full-bodies in the opening for FE8 with how to write its TSA and all? Info is here: [FE8] Intro images

Sure, I’ll play around with it and see where I get.

Bumpdating this now that we’re gonna be starting over with a fresh ROM.