Blade Lord wielding Mani and Sol Katti Battle Animation

Is there anyone willing to get this done? It’s some thing I intend to use, but make sure the Mani Katti is on the left, thanks.

You mean Lyn gonna use both of those sword as the same time? Dual Blade???


No comment.

… Then how is anyone going to know what you want?


A Blade Lord animation wielding Mani and Sol Katti/dual blade animation is what I want.

Then go make it. Requesting and demanding are two different things and you could stand to be a bit nicer to the people you are making requests to. They don’t owe you anything.


I don’t know how much nicer I could be, this is really just a request I put out there if anyone would find it fun to make, they don’t have to do it if they don’t want to, but I would really appreciate it.