Black Knight Map Sprite Help

Here’s my attempt at making a map sprite for the black knight. As you can see, it’s quite terrible. If someone can help me draw on a cape and switch the lance to a sword (I’m terrible at pixel art, so I don’t want to risk completely destroying the sprite I used) it will be greatly appreciated.

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Is this for the new sprite repository?

Well, if you think it’s good enough, use it. Personally, I feel that it’s still incomplete because all I did was a recoloring of a general map sprite. I have no skill with pixel art so, when I tried to give it a cape and sword … let’s just say it’s no pretty. However, just a warning, the colors I use don’t exactly match up in the game, so play use FEBuilder to insert them as it auto corrects the colors into something usable.

It definitely needs work. That red patch in the middle is the most noticeable part. I hope someone helps you out, but even if they don’t the effort is appreciated!

This uses an incorrect palette. You need to fix the palette before insertion.

I’m not sure if it’s what you are looking for but I made a map sprite for marshall class (which the BK is based off)
I added a few variants (axes, spears, swords etc.)

Here is the dropbox link.


Wow! Very slick, I like the blending of general and Zephiel.

Do you want me to add those to the new repository or are they not F2U?

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Thanks xD
Sure you can add them. I planned to post them since I saw your new repository xD

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