Better way to change music during cutscenes?


Hey, I just have a quick question about cutscene creation in FE8. I’ve run into this problem where whenever I use textcont to change the music of a cutscene, the mugs from the original cutscene basically become glued to the background, meaning that I can’t erase or move them. Every cutscene that involves changing the music also involves a character moving around, so I would rather not just work around it. The current solution I’m using is to just reload the portraits after a music change, which looks odd but allows me to actually move around the characters.

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How is your event set up? Because I’ve got two instances of music changes that have mugs moving around and being erased afterwards with no issues.


In the screenshot, isn’t there only one text file being used?
I think I might be misinterpreting what TEXTCONT does.



Uh, what does LoadOverworldFaces do? That might be what I’m missing.


LoadOverworldFaces is the tag that tells the game to continue reading event commands, when it hits a TEXTCONT it then goes back to playing the text.

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Oh! That makes sense. I thought it was something you had to do manually. Yeah, this should solve it.


Alternatively, you can use TEXTSHOW2 to show a text convo where the faces are already loaded, so there are 2 options:

// Music change/other events can be run here paired with a [LoadOverworldFaces].
//TEXTCONT/TEXTEND pattern can be repeated for as many music changes as you like.

This is preferable because only one text ID is used, but the second form may be useful for conditionals and such:

// Music change/whatnot
TEXTSHOW2 (Another text ID) // Faces keep moving!
// As many TEXTSHOW2/TEXTEND codes can be chained together as you like.

tl;dr yeah TEXTCONT is the best way to do it, but TEXTSHOW2 can be used too and for spooky conditionals halfway through text convos.