Best Rom Hack with a release in 2017

Okay, for the most part, 2017 has been pretty productive for the Rom Hacking community. We’ve seen a lot of new Rom Hacks, and updates to some favorites. What I want to know, personally, is your favorite Rom Hack of 2017. This list includes any Rom Hack with a patch released in 2017 that isn’t a reskin, because let’s face it, Reskins aren’t all that unique by any right. This list isn’t a thing about superiority, I just feel that it should motivate Rom Hackers to realize that their work is appreciated.
I will be doing a video to spotlight the top 5 places, just to break the mold for newer Hack players as well, because let’s face it, if the first Rom Hack you play is something like FE8 MV, you’re not really going to expect much from any Rom Hack. This said, I don’t particularly hate any reskins that actually make the game into more than it originally was (FE8MV), but they’re a bad representation of what the RHC can do.
TLDR: I’m a money whore and want to make a video of the top 5 voted Rom Hacks
Link to the Poll: