Best program for MIDI work[Resolved?]

Just trying to get some information in regards to which is better for working on midi files. I appreciate any and all information for assistance with this.

Anvil will do the job and it’s free, but the UI is garbage and usability is poor.

I personally use a combination of Mixcraft 5, which is great for splicing tracks and is just all-around easy to use, and Sonar X5 which will run Cakewalk scripts (not necessary for most MIDIs).

Thank you for that I will go and pick up both of those tonight as long as I can track them down.

Mixcraft is fairly reasonably priced (~$70) but Sonar X5 is really, really expensive (~$2000 or something like that…). Thankfully I was already using Mixcraft for other things but I wouldn’t get X5 unless you really, REALLY need it.

You don’t have to go in depth but if you could provide a brief run down on what I can do with mixcraft 5 (which I have currently) I would appreciate it. I have a few midi’s that I would like to adjust with instruments that would obviously work with FE7/8 oh and 6 of course.

@Agro if you can’t tonight that is fine but if you could provide a little assistance next weekend…which is when I will have free time I would appreciate it.

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