Begginer in sprite making

I decided to begin my journey as a FE hacking person by making Fire Emblem 6/7/8 mugs by using the portrait editor program although it’s a bit limited sometimes and i’ve seen people doing some really amazing things like making 2B or FE Engage characters as GBA characters so i’d like to ask if it’s possible to make really good mugs with acessories and etc. Without knowing to drawn/pixel art (only using MS Paint and etc.) Or in order to make truly good sprites i need to have those abillities?

Another way to ask this is:
Except for things such as mentioned before, the FE Engage cast on GBA, is it possible to make some more detailed mugs without having pixel art skills?

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I can confirm right here and now that I only use MS Paint to make/splice all the mugs in my games. It’s a process for sure, but I don’t have the artistic talents to make anything by scratch. I’d suggest using the Character Creator program in the FE Repo as a starting point, and then going more into detail, working on shading, maybe replacing hair/facial features/armor specifics, and branching out by hand afterwards.

If you use the Character Creator as your only tool, it’s not going to look great, but by touching it up, you can make some clutch faces.


Thanks for the advice.

Although how much do i need to have as skill to make these touches in MS Paint(armor specifics, face features and etc.)

An example of that is: what if i wanted to make a character with a hair colored like Alear from Engage? Or if i wanted to give a tiara to a random character?

Well anyway, thanks!
I will try to make some random characters on the character creator and then play around with detailing them on Paint.

My advice would be to find a character with a tiara that you’d want to borrow, then splice it onto your new character. All you need to be able to do skill wise is know how to erase what you don’t want.

As for Hair Color, that’s as simple as recoloring, which MS Paint is actually pretty great at.

I will advise one of the easier ways to level up your paint skills is to use which lets you use layers. Layers lets you make changes without committing to them. I used to purely use just ms paint, but layers, just let me do and understand more.

Without splicing or full customing you are going to be restricted to whatever tools you use do. Splicing is a good place to start. As you sprite more and use more parts you generally see what works and what doesn’t.

There are people who have done tutorials for all sorts of spriting levels from splicing, recolouring, insertion formatting, which may take a while to read and process, but can be extremely helpful.

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