Battle Sprite Questions[Solved]

I saw this somewhere. Do the dodge sprites have a limit? Like no more than 5 frames or something?
And is it possible for me to insert a battle sprite with 7 moves? I know I will have to script it.
And how do I script for a sprite that has a regular weapon attack, and a holy weapon attack? Like Eliwood with his regular sword and Durandal?
If these have been answered already, I am sorry.

Scripting for a holy weapon attack vs. a regular attack is two separate scripts. You use nightmare to specify which animation to use for a specific weapon or a weapon type in general.
For the other stuff, just try it with some dummy frames and you’ll find out quickly enough.

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What do you mean by 7 moves? 7 frames? 7 different animations?

From the FEditor doc:

Part 1: Normal attack
    Layered in front of the enemy
Part 2: Called with normal attack - mimicks sound effects and uses blank frames to keep the timing
    Layered behind the enemy
Part 3: Critical attack
    Layered in front of the enemy
Part 4: See mode 2; this is for critical attacks, however
    Layered behind the enemy
Part 5: Magic attack
Part 6: Critical magic attack
Part 7: Close range dodge
Part 8: Ranged dodge
Part 9: Standing "animation"
    Can have more than one frame - they actually play, too!
    Must have at LEAST one frame, or the game will crash, though
    These get to play about the first 16 frames of the animation before they are interrupted
Part 10: Standing "animation" 2
    Should be same as previous (could probably get more creative though)
Part 11: Ranged standing "animation"
    Can be the same as the previous two standing animations
Part 12: Dodged attack

In short, you can have:
1 Attack
1 Critical
1 Ranged
1 Ranged Critical
2 Dodges
3 Standings
1 Miss
In one animation.

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I mean 7 different animations for the same character.
Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

ftr I have yet to see anyone actually use the “standing animation” for anything interesting

you guys know you could use it to like, make your characters dance into the battle field and shit, right?

Cool, like RD-style battle starts.

something like that yeah

but no one has been creative enough to take advantage of it

(I was thinking more like transformation animations)

I’ve always wanted to make Laguz in Fe7! It shouldn’t be too bad to implement a conditional battle animation, right? Just find where it loads the index to load and say “If transformed, use A, else B”

I would worry if that would clash with the original animations, unless they were all updated to do that (might make for a cool yet time consuming project though). Having both opponents enter the battle screen would be a bit more cinematic!

I’m surprised no one has imported FE6/FE8’s ASM for manaketes. It seems like there’s a routine that loads all three animations sequentially (transform, attack, and detransform), but I am not sure if it is even included in vanilla FE7. I doubt manaketes would be the only ones to make use of such a feature.

Quite frankly nobody tries to do anything interesting with battle animations anymore. Everything not done by @ghast that (and to a far, far lesser extent myself) I’ve seen recently has been pretty standard or a recolor.

There’s not enough interest I suppose, or people who want to invest time in animating (since it is incredibly time consuming).

This was my idea for how to do things like implement a cleaner animation for Astra, instead of just queueing 5 god damn attacks in the battle buffer (lol), and yes, I have also considered abusing such a system for manaketes

but the whole “who cares about FE” thing settled in long before

So for standing animations, I can make a cool ready pose with like 5 or 6 frames and it would insert? :slight_smile:
That sounds cool.

I’m trying to take advantage of the standing ‘animation’, but instead of playing once at the start of the battle, it plays whenever the standing frames are used:

//begin Mode 9
10  p- Unsheathe-1.png
5  p- Unsheathe-2.png
5  p- Unsheathe-3.png
10  p- Standing-1.png
C01  //Removing this command stops the looping, but it still plays mid-battle
//begin Mode 10
15  p- Standing-1.png //Tried putting the animation here instead; doesn't play at all (why does this mode exist?)
//begin Mode 11
15  p- Standing-1.png //Mode 9 frames won't play when at range?

Sorry if posting in old topics is frowned on.

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