Battle Realms Inspired Fan Game Pitch

Hi! I had an idea of making an FE8 Romhack that was inspired from a RTS I played in my Childhood, Battle Realms (go check it out it’s a great game). The plot is basically the same as the original game but the characters have been transformed into what I think is their Fire Emblem equivalent (Kenji is a Lord, Otomo is a General, Shinja is a Swordmaster, etc). But then I had more ideas that conflicted.

Should I keep the character cast limited to the original game’s Zen Masters (equivalent to hero units in Battle Realms) or should I create more playble units in the form of the common units in Battle Realms transformed into a playable unit? (Brandt for the Bandit Unit, Sparrow for the Archer Unit)

Another Question would be if I should keep the original medieval asian motif of the original or if I should change it to the more familiar Fire Emblem style by translating names to more European ones as such.

Another idea I had would be to separate the character pool depending on what side you choose in the first chapter (Serpent Clan by killing the Dragon Clan Units and vice versa) and the side you didn’t choose would have the Characters exclusive to that side could be the map bosses and such.

Overall, it’s an epic crossover type fan game that I thought of since I wanted my first contribution to really have something unique going to it.

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Follow the dragon…

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Tis is what I need