Battle Animations are halfwords too

So since I didn’t post a topic about the portrait ID being a u16 when I first found it out, maybe I can make up for it with this discovery. Not only are the portrait and spell ID’s actually halfwords, but the battle animations are halfwords too, proving that all the arrays feditor edits are u16 arrays. Now we just need to repoint all the arrays and rewrite feditor to make the indices go over 0xFF

that separator actually is the top 8 bits of the the ID, it’s always 0 because the array never goes above 0xFF


Wait really? I… I might actually do FE8 Chaos as a romhack rather than a FEXNA project if that were the case. Limited animation space was my biggest issue.

yeah you can have 65000+


Wait… that always 0 separator was part of the halfword… good lord.

So, hope you can fix all that stuff. At least now we know it exists.

there’s nothing to fix?
just repoint the array

There’s a Nightmare module to fix, at least :stuck_out_tongue:

Would be handy if FEditor allowed you to expand the array further through its interface too.

EDIT: Have a fixed Nightmare Module.

oh yeah nightmare modules
yeah idk why Alex dropped the ball on all these array lengths but whatever

Yeah now it’s basically everything FEditor has an editor for was a halfword the whole time. gj Zeld.

How can you have limited animation space in FEXNA?

There isn’t, I imagine he may go back to making it a romhack so he doesn’t need to copy-paste the entirety of FE8.

No, the main reason I was gonna do FE8CM in FEXNA was because GBA has limited animation space. Now that it doesn’t, I’ll go back to it.

Speaking of which, how might we edit FEditor to allow this?

rewrite the java code
shouldnt be so bad

change to 0xFFFF

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Thanks! Is that the only spot to edit?

Just do a search and replace

So search and replace all instances of 0xFF?

probably not all
use your best judgement. if it says “max” near it, it’s probably relevant

you’d also have to recompile which is trivial if you know what you’re doing

I do not know what you mean by recompile. This would explain why my edits didn’t fix the editor though.